Elegant Uses

This elegant purse accessory is a sleek, lightweight and easy to use bag holder. With one quick twist THEHOOKUP transforms from a heart shaped charm to an S-shaped purse hanger. THEHOOKUP purse holder is capable of holding up to 30 pounds of purse weight, THEHOOKUP can be hooked from most surfaces (tables, closets, doors and more).


The Best Slimming Swimsuit Tricks

With the summer heat wave upon us it’s the perfect time to slip into that bikini and get near the closest body of water possible. However, with wearing a two-piece swimsuit comes common insecurities. Many women around the world hesitate when putting on a bathing suit, examining and magnifying their every “flaw.” Luckily for you, we’ve compiled some great slimming tips and tricks to help you look your very best regardless of your body type. Check them out below. (more…)

Our Favorite 4th Looks

With July 4th comes barbecues, fireworks and fun with friends. Stylish women and men across the country use this holiday to explore some casually chic patriotic outfits. However, many of these looks can work long after the fireworks have stopped. From cute patterned dresses to more casual jeans and a tee check out some of our favorite July 4th looks from this year. (more…)

The Summer’s Fashion Events

There are many ways to spend a New York summer, from theater to sports events to museum tours, but few things are as exciting and stimulating as a day spent at a New York City fashion show. Whether it’s to see new designs, bold colors or inspired prints, everyone that is anyone in the New York fashion scene will be attending these shows to discover what’s new, what works and what failed. (more…)

The Best Dresses for a Summer Wedding

Every summer couples around the world plan to say their I do’s to one another in a warm, summery setting. Unlike winter weddings, summer weddings generally allow for more whimsical and non-traditional wedding wear. This is mostly because summer is so hot and also a more casual time of year in general. Below are just a few of our picks for beautiful summer wedding dresses. (more…)

Hot Summer Celebrity Fashion

Celebrities are out and about this summer wearing a huge variety of styles. From bold colors to sunglasses that make a statement, celebrities have a huge following of fans and admirers that look upon them for fashion inspiration year round.


The Best Summer Weekend Getaways

Millions of families across the United States enjoy summers full of traveling to the nicest beaches and towns in an effort to get away and enjoy the summer sun. Picking out the perfect destination can be quite the task. However, there are plenty of different ways to find the best summer spot for you. Check out some of our 2013 top getaway picks below! (more…)

Packing Smart For A Weekend Getaway

Going on a small mini trip for the weekend can be relaxing, therapeutic, and good for the soul.

However, making sure you pack correctly can be instrumental in making your trip complete. The first task is to find out where the trip will be located, so you are able to get the right essential items in your bag.


The Best Beach Attire

Going to the beach is a great way to enjoy a sunny afternoon, but it also can be hard to figure out which outfit is going to be the most comfortable and flattering for your figure.  The good news is, there are plenty of different clothing accessories that can really make your outfit look stylish.

 Beach Attire


Fashion Events During Summer 2013

Fashion events during the spring and summer of each year are always amazing, and the styles and collections are even more appealing than the first year.  Everyone from designers, celebrities, and stylists gather around the runway to see what is in store for the season.  (more…)

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