TheHookUp : An Ideal Gift to Show Employee Appreciation

An Ideal Gift to Show Employee Appreciation

Purchasing a gift for a fellow employee or boss isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t feel exceptionally close to the person. However, when the holiday’s or special occasions occur in the office it’s almost imperative that you choose a tasteful, cute gift for your employees or fellow co-workers. The new purse hanger, TheHookUp, offers employees the perfect gift option for their female co-workers, boss, and even clients. This product will not only be put to great use once purchased, but is also a practical item that any woman who carries a purse needs. Your fellow employees will no longer waste time searching for a safe, clean place to store their bag and rather, can spend more time focusing on the more important aspects of their busy work days.

What exactly is TheHookUp?

TheHookUp is a new line of high-end purse hangers sold exclusively online ( that is bringing the purse hanging market to a new level. Available in three finishes (gold, platinum, and black pearl) TheHookUp offers employees a chic, trendy gift that they can use daily while at their desk, in a meeting, or on the road for business. TheHookUp is incredibly easy to use. Simply bend it into an “S” shape with one swift twist, hang one end off of the side of just about any surface, and let your bag handle rest safely on the opposite end. When closed TheHookUp doubles as a trendy bag accessory, taking the shape of a stylish heart that hangs beautifully on any purse strap or handle. TheHookUp won’t wear down your bag or scratch any surfaces that you place it on because it is so light in weight, weighing only 1.4 ounces. It also incredibly affordable, an added perk in today’s market, ranging only from $70-$110 depending on what finish you purchase.

Why is TheHookUp the go-to employee gift?

This is perfect gift for female employees as it is versatile and can be used in any business situation or work atmosphere. Many businesswomen find themselves struggling daily with finding a place to put their purse at the office. Often times, they end up having to shove their bags hastily in their desk drawer where it is subject to dirt, pen marks, and getting scraped. At lunch meetings, they are faced with this issue again and usually have no choice but to place their bag on the dirty floor at restaurants, and when travelling it sometimes has to be placed on the car floor. With TheHookUp these businesswomen will now be able to easily and quickly hang their bag off of basically any office surface (desk, chair, couch, conference table, etc.) keeping it safely away from dirt and damage.

When’s the best time to purchase TheHookUp for an employee?

There are various times throughout the year when a gift for an employee is a must. Though these occasions are limitless, below is a list of the most popular times for gift giving to help you decide when’s best to purchase your TheHookUp.

  • Gift for an employee birthday
  • Gift for a new employee
  • Gift for an employee leaving
  • Gift for employee appreciation
  • Gift for employees on holidays (Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, etc.)
  • Gift for employee of the month
  • Gift for an employee getting engaged
  • Gift for an employee getting married
  • Gift for an employee who just had a baby
  • Retirement gift for employee
  • Thank you gift for employee/client
  • Milestone employee gift (5 years, 10 years, etc. at company)