TheHookUp: The Perfect Gift For Your Girlfriend

When should I purchase TheHookUp for my girlfriend?

Getting the right gift that brings a smile to your girlfriend’s face can prove to be very challenging. However, with the new purse hanger, TheHookUp, your gift giving troubles can be over. What is TheHookUp exactly? It’s a unique, stylish purse hanger that takes the current market to a new level of class and sophistication. These purse hangers, which are available in gold, platinum, and black pearl finishes are light in weight (weighing only 1.4 oz.) and have the ability to hold up to 30 pounds of purse bulk. When not being used, TheHookUp folds in and takes the shape of a heart, turning into a trendy accessory that hangs on any purse strap or handle.

Why TheHookUp?

Around the world, it is often thought that most girlfriends want gifts from Tiffany’s, Bloomingdales, and other high-end retail stores. However, what many gift purchasers don’t realize is that sometimes it is the gifts that aren’t necessarily the stereotyped “must-have” items that have the biggest, longest-lasting impact. Though once purchased TheHookUp will quickly be recognized as the must-have gift for your girlfriend, it may not initially be on the top of your lover’s list. So why TheHookUp over other gifts? The answer is simple, TheHookUp is not only practical but will make your girlfriend stand out and show the world just how trendy and stylish she is. Unlike other gifts, this product will never go out of style and can be used all day, every day. The daily stress of dealing with finding a safe place for her handbag will dissipate and she will be able to better focus on her tasks at hand.

Your girlfriend’s TheHookUp will come in handy during just about activity throughout her day. Whether she is getting coffee in the morning on her way to work, getting lunch with co-workers, or driving during a weekend getaway her TheHookUp promises to be utilized throughout. Simply unhook the product (which when unused appears as a trendy handbag accessory) so that TheHookUp takes the shape of an “S.” Take TheHookUp and place one end on the elevated surface of your choice (bar, table, chair, car door, hook, etc.) and hang your bag off of the other end. When she’s ready to leave and move on to her next activity she can remove her bag from TheHookUp, fold the purse hanger swiftly back to its closed heart shape, and be on her way.

Gift For Valentine' Day

Your girlfriend should always feel special, however, there are certain times that call for a special gift to show her just how much you care. Outlined below are just a few instances where TheHookUp is the perfect gift choice.


Currently, TheHookUp is sold exclusively online ( and is available in three different finishes: gold, platinum, and black pearl. An added bonus? TheHookUp is affordable and ranges in price from just $70-$110 depending on what finish you choose.