TheHookUp: Your Teacher’s Ideal Gift

TheHookUp - Perfect Gift For Teacher
When it comes to buying you or your children’s teacher a gift the process often becomes monotonous. Whether the gift is for the end of the year, a teacher’s birthday, Teacher Appreciation Week, or the holidays (like Christmas, Hanukkah and Easter) it can seem like your teachers are always in need of a thoughtful gift or trinket. Teachers receive dozens of flowers, magnets, and baked goods every year in appreciation for their hard work and dedication. However, these gifts don’t tend to leave a lasting impression and are what has come to be expected. Luckily, the new purse hanger product, TheHookUp (, now offers a more unique, thoughtful gift option for your beloved teacher.

What is TheHookUp?

TheHookUp purse hanger is a new product being offered that is the answer to every woman’s purse hanging dilemmas. How many times have you been out to eat with friends or at a bar and have found yourself looking for a place to safely hang your purse? With TheHookUp you will never have to struggle with finding a safe place for your purse again. Simply unhook your TheHookUp from your handbag strap (it doubles as a stylish accessory when not being used) and hang it off of the elevated surface of your choice (bar, table, chair, etc.). Hang your bag on the opposite end of the hook and go back to socializing with your friends and family. There will be absolutely no need to check on your bag to make sure it is out of harms way because TheHookUp easily holds up to 30 pounds of hangbag weight. With this product you will no longer have to place your bag on the ground or a potentially sticky restaurant chair. TheHookUp is also incredibly versatile and can be used in just about any situation (in your home, in a restaurant, at a bar, in the bathroom, in a car, etc.). Another great perk to this new purse hanger product? Its affordable price. TheHookUp currently retails exclusively online ( for only $70-$110. Available in gold, platinum, and black finishes you can rest assured that your teacher will look trendy walking into school with this item on her bag.

Why’s TheHookUp a great gift for a teacher?

TheHookUp is the perfect gift for any teacher. Regardless of if an individual teaches preschool or is teaching at a college level, TheHookUp serves as the ideal gift. This product is not only elegant and stylish but most importantly, practical for a teacher’s busy days. For instance, you often see teachers jamming their purses into their desk drawer in the morning, or even resorting to placing their beloved handbag on the dirty ground. With TheHookUp this will no longer be an issue. Your teacher will now be able to hang her purse safely off the edge of her desk by simple unfolding TheHookUp into its “S” shape position, placing it on the edge of her desk, and gently hanging her bag off of the opposite end. Her bags will now safely and discreetly hang away from students and messy school supplies.

When the school day comes to a close your teacher can easily close her TheHookUp, and place it stylishly on her bag strap until she uses it at her next activity. You can be confident that your teacher will use this gift even after she’s out of the classroom whether it’s at a parent-teacher conference, a school board meeting, or even just out to dinner with friends.

When exactly should I purchase TheHookUp for this teacher?

Though there is no right or wrong answer to this question there are various instances throughout the school year that a teacher deserves a special gift. Below, we have outlined just a handful of these events and instances where TheHookUp would be the perfect solution for your teacher gift dilemmas.

  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • End of the year
  • Teacher’s birthday
  • Teacher’s retirement
  • Teacher/teaching assistant promotion
  • Teacher’s engagement/marriage
  • Teacher having a baby
  • Holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, etc.)
  • Gift for a teaching assistant
  • Gift for a student teacher
  • Gift for a teacher who just graduated