TheHookUp: the Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

The Perfect Gift For Valentine' Day

Though stereotypically Valentine’s Day spoils women with flowers, chocolates, and stuffed animals this year surpass your girlfriend or lover’s expectations and buy them the new purse hanger, TheHookUp. TheHookUp is this year’s it Valentine’s Day gift and will be for years to come. Why this product over the usual holiday gifts? Because TheHookUp will be used by your special someone every single day and come in handy during stressful situations. TheHookUp is taking the purse hanger market to a new level of sophistication by providing consumers with a high-end, trendy purse hanger unlike any other competitors’ product.

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How does TheHookUp work and how can I purchase it?

TheHookUp purse hanger offers owners a stylish way to keep their bag safely away from harmful and dirty surfaces. When closed, TheHookUp serves as a fashionable handbag accessory, taking the shape of a sleekly designed heart that hooks onto any purse strap or handle. It will not weigh your bag down as it weighs a mere 1.4 oz. When in need of a safe, sturdy place to hang your handbag simply unfold the heart into an “S” shape in one swift motion, place one end on the surface of your choice (chair, table, bar, bathroom door, car door, etc.), and place your purse on the opposite end. You can be confident that your bag will safely hang from TheHookUp for as long as necessary as the engineers behind the design have ensured that TheHookUp can easily hold up to 30 pounds of handbag weight. Currently, TheHookUp is available in gold, platinum, and black pearl finishes and retails affordably for $70, $97, or $110 (depending on the finish). TheHookUp is available today exclusively online via the product’s website (

Why is TheHookUp the best Valentine’s Day present for my girlfriend?

Unlike other Valentine’s gifts that go stale and start wilting after a few days, TheHookUp will cater to your girlfriend or loved one’s needs for years to come. Her daily struggles of where to hang her purse will cease after this product is in her possession. Currently, when unable to find a place to hang her purse when out with friends and family she most likely has to settle on placing her bag on the dirty floor or on top of a sticky surface. After she has TheHookUp this purse-hanging dilemma will cease to be an issue. She’ll simply unhook her TheHookUp from her handbag strap and swiftly hang the product from a nearby surface, hanging her purse off of the other end. When she’s ready to move on to her next activity she’ll simply fold up her TheHookUp, place it back on her handbag, and be on her way. It is that simple and guarantees to make what was once an anxiety filled situation dissipate and become stress-free.

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