Your Wife’s New Best Friend: TheHookUp Purse Hanger

TheHookUp a great gift for my wife

There comes a time in most marriages when gift giving becomes quite difficult. For many, after years and years of picking out that oh-so-thoughtful gift you may start to feel that you have run out of unique ideas. For those in this situation, the new purse hanger product TheHookUp offers the solution you’ve been seeking. This product is not only trendy and sleek, but will also help to keep your wife’s handbag safely away from any messy surfaces and dirty floors. It’s new to the market so giving this as a gift will show just how much you care and demonstrate how eager you are to treat your loved one to something new, stylish, and special.

What is TheHookUp and how exactly does it work?

The new purse hanger, TheHookUp, was recently introduced into the market and provides consumers with an innovative solution to women’s ongoing purse hanging dilemmas. With TheHookUp you will never again find yourself struggling for a safe and sturdy location to hang your purse. Rather, TheHookUp will allow you to hang your bag flawlessly from just about any surface whether it be in a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, car, or bathroom. Simply unhook your TheHookUp from your handbag strap (it doubles as a stylish, heart-shaped accessory when not being used) and hang it off of the elevated surface of your choice. Hang your bag on the opposite end of the hook and go back to enjoying your time without having to worry about if your handbag is in someone’s way or in danger of getting dirty. TheHookUp is light, weighing only 1.4 ounces, and easily holds up to 30 pounds of handbag weight. This is also an especially great gift because it offers an elegant, designer item at an affordable price (ranging in price from $70-$110). TheHookUp currently retails exclusively online ( and is available in gold, platinum, and black finishes.

Why is TheHookUp a great gift for my wife?

Regardless of if it is your first wedding anniversary or a push gift for your third child, TheHookUp serves as the ideal gift for any wife. Most wives are constantly juggling various tasks, often leaving them no choice but to throw their bag in a heap on the floor after being unable to find a proper place to hang it. With TheHookUp your wife will no longer worry about her designer handbags collecting dirt from tabletops and floors. Simply unfold TheHookUp into its “S” shape position, place it on the edge of the surface of your choice (bar, table, chair, bathroom hook, car handle, etc.), and gently hang your purse off the opposite end. Your wife’s bags will now safely hang close-by and in turn, relieve any stress she previously experienced when searching for a safe place to put her bag during life’s hectic moments.

When it’s time to move on to the next errand or go to a romantic dinner with her husband she can close her TheHookUp and place it stylishly on her bag’s strap until she uses it next. You can be confident that any wife will quickly discover that this gift is must-have and is not only practical, but fashionable as well.

When exactly should I purchase TheHookUp for my wife?

Though one’s wife should always be cherished and feel loved there are various occasions where this is especially the case and a special gift is a must. Outlined below are some of these very instances where TheHookUp will serve as the perfect gift and bring a smile to your wife’s face.

  • Gift for wife on her birthday
  • Gift for wife on holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.)
  • Gift for wife who has just become pregnant
  • Gift for wife after giving birth (a “push” present)
  • Gift for a wife on her wedding day
  • Gift for a wedding anniversary
  • Gift for the wife who has everything