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Every year the holiday season brings with it the hottest new items to hit the market. Now, of course it can be argued that we’re a bit biased, but popular demand and booming sales have shown us that this year one of those “It” products is our very own TheHookUp purse hanger. We could go on for days about why this product is such a great stocking stuffer for that special someone, but for now we’ll limit it to our top five reasons why TheHookUp is a must-have gift this year.

It’s simple and easy to use

With a simple twist of the wrist TheHookUp swiftly transforms from a heart shape to an “S” shape, ready to securely hang your handbag at any moment. TheHookUp is capable of holding up to 30 pounds of handbag weight, making it sturdy and reliable. Once finished using TheHookUp, simply twist the hanger closed, hook it to your bag, and be on your way!

It’s incredibly versatile

TheHookUp is not your average purse hanger and is incredibly versatile. Whether you need to hang your bag safely from a restaurant table, bar, coffee table, restroom, or even on a car door TheHookUp will take care of your every purse hanging need.

It serves as a trendy accessory

Unlike any other purse hanger currently in the market, TheHookUp serves as a trendy, sleek purse accessory when not in use. Weighing a mere 1.4 ounces, when closed TheHookUp takes the shape of a heart and clips easily onto any purse or handbag. Available in three different finishes (gold, platinum, or black), this product suits all styles and looks. This not only adds personality to any woman’s handbag, but also allows TheHookUp to be within reach at all times.

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It’s affordable

For only $99.95 TheHookUp is an incredible steal this holiday season. Perfect for that special stocking stuffer or first wrapped gift, TheHookUp will offer loved ones a versatile gift they will use almost every day. Also, because TheHookUp is made from the highest quality metal this is a product that will work for years to come and never break or falter.

It surpasses the competition

Unlike purse hangers in the past, TheHookUp offers consumers a reliable, versatile, quality product. In the past consumers have struggled with flimsy purse hangers that drop bags, spilling one’s personal belongings on the floor for all to see. Plastic hangers and those made out of cheap metals often crack or bend out of shape, only lasting a few months at most before needing to be replaced. TheHookUp is a sturdy, dependable purse hanger that will never need to be replaced (unless of course you want to try out a different finish of course).

TheHookUp In Use

TheHookUp in Use