Introducing TheHookUp Purse Hanger

Elegant and Simple to use purse hanger

  • Classic heart transforms into an S-shaped hook.
  • Only 1.4 ounces.
  • Holds up to 30 pounds.

Available in three colors

A purse provides most women with a sense of security and a means for safely holding their personal items. A woman’s bag can speak volumes about her; what’s her style? What kind of personality does she have? Is she successful? However, no matter what your purse says about you while it’s rested on your shoulder, the second you place your bag on the floor it tells others that you don’t value your personal belongings, and possibly even yourself. For years women have struggled at restaurants, stores, and even at their home with finding the ideal place to hang their beloved purse. If you hang it over a chair it’s likely to fall down or be hit by a person walking by your table. If you put it on top of the actual table itself it causes an obstruction of view and can easily get stained by food and drinks.

Thankfully, the designers at TheHookUp have developed a one-of-a-kind, simple, trendy folding purse hanger to solve this dilemma and keep your purse safely out of harms reach.

How TheHookUp Purse Hanger Works

Designed in the USA, TheHookUp was engineered to provide you with a safe method for hanging your bag from a heightened surface without having to worry about it falling to the ground and getting dirty. The look is sleek and add a hint of flair to your bag TheHookUp at first glance resembles a heart. To a bystander this product appears to merely be a sleek accessory any stylish woman would use to embellish her bag. However, TheHookUp provides its users with so much more than just that. Once at your destination simply unclip TheHookUp from your bag and twist it gently so that it creates a “S” shape. Place one end on the edge of the surface, making the “S” hang off. Slip your bag’s straps onto the hook-like piece that is hanging from the surface. Now just lean back and rest assured that this is exactly where your purse will safely hang until you choose to remove it. It’s that simple.

Where Can I Purchase TheHookUp?

TheHookUp is exclusively offered online via our website. We know that our product is superior in comparison to our competitors and is more durable than any product currently offered in stores like Ikea, JC Penny, or online at Amazon. We have such confidence in our product that we don’t see the need to sell it in discounted retail outlets. Rather, we have faith that our customers will recognize the quality of our product and come to us first for their purse hanging needs. Selling our product from our website also allows us to better communicate with, and understand our customers wants and needs. Let us know what you think about our product, how you think it could possibly be improved, and share with us how TheHookUp has impacted your life. We value our relationships with our customers and feel that selling TheHookUp exclusively online allows us to strengthen those relationships first-hand.

Why TheHookUp over Competitors?

The answer is simple; TheHookUp is better than any competitor currently in the market. We’re sure that you have seen competitors advertised in various department stores and on television advertising their purse hangers. These products may offer initial purse hanging support, however, rarely will they last longer than a few uses without breaking. These products are inexpensive for a reason, because they are poorly made. At TheHookUp we understand that most women’s purses hold many items and often are not light in weight. Competitors’ products are not manufactured to hold heavy bags. Often times they are made of flimsy plastic materials that will fail to properly grip a table and in turn, cause your bag to come crashing to the ground and become damaged. We have spent years perfecting TheHookUp’s design. Made from durable metals and crafted specifically to hold heavy purses and maintain a sturdy grip on a surface our product offers unsurpassed quality in the market.


Styles Offered and Pricing

TheHookUp is 4”x3” in size and weighs roughly 1.4 ounces. It is currently available in four different colours to match the hardware of the purse.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers quality, affordable products. We are not the most expensive purse hanger on the market, yet we still are able to provide customers with a sleek, durable product. We pride ourselves on our quality products and know that you will love the HookUp immediately after using it for the first time.