Purse Hook

A purse hanger (also commonly referred to as a purse hook or handbag holder) is a device used to help safely and securely hang handbags in areas where there is currently no proper place for them. These temporary holders (available in various styles) are most often used in restaurants, hairdressers, coffee shops, etc. where handbags usually don’t have a designated area to be placed. With a purse hanger you no longer have to worry about having your bag get stained from being placed on dirty surfaces, or having it stolen from your chair when your back is turned. Though purse hangers have recently gained popularity, they have been around for almost a century and were initially used by Queen Elizabeth II who used her “purse caddie” daily to help her with her every purse hanging need.

purse hook - how it works

Types of Purse Hangers

In today’s market there are various types of purse hangers and styles that are made from materials ranging from lower-end plastic to high quality metals. The below styles are currently patented, though others are still available in today’s market.

  • S-shaped purse hanger (as used by Queen Elizabeth II)
  • L-shaped purse hanger (usually contains a circular padded area at the top)
  • Bracelet purse hanger which contains a spring closure
  • A circular ring which twists open and closed

Why Use a Purse Hanger?

A purse hanger is an item that is sure to be put to good use and come in handy various times throughout one’s day. For years, women have struggled with trying to find a safe and secure place to put their purses and other small items when out and about. However, with a purse hanger the stress and anxiety previously experienced while trying to find such a place is now relieved. Though purse hangers of varying quality have been in the market for years, newer purse hangers, such as the S-shaped purse hanger TheHookUp, allow women to now own a high quality product that is reliable and stylish.

  TheHookUp - purse hook

The S-shaped purse hanger TheHookUp (pictured above) was recently introduced to the market and is made from quality metal and is light in weight. What makes this purse hanger unique is that when it is not in use it takes the shape of a heart, making it a trendy accessory that can be easily snapped onto any purse strap. Once needed, one simple twist will transform the heart into a S-shape that easily hangs from just about any surface (table, bar, door handle, door, etc.). Safely hang up to 30 pounds of handbag weight on the opposing end of the hook and rest assured that your purse will securely hang in that very position until removed.