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It is a stunning and amazing gift!
The purse hookup is one of my most prized accessories! It looks great hanging on my purse or baby diaper bag when not in use. I love the versatility! It's pretty shocking what it can do actually. One of my friends calls it the "spider man of hooks" because it can attach to just about anything. My favorite way to use it is on the baby changer in the public restrooms. Before the Hook Up, I could never figure out where to hang my diaper bag because I didn't want it too far away or on the floor and my son would kick it off the changer. This one accessory has solved so many of my problems! I met Fafa at a trade show-like event and she is every bit as wonderful as you would want a person to be when you buy something from them. Buy this for yourself or a loved one. It is a stunning and amazing gift!
Review by Deana Villei / (Posted on 5/6/2016)
I really love it very much and I use it all the ...
I received The Embrace - Bag Hanger as a gift for my Birthday from a dear friend, I really
love it very much and I use it all the time since. It made me to decide to give them as
Christmas Gift to lots of my Coworkers.

Review by Amazon Customer / (Posted on 1/28/2016)
Best bag hanger
My wife has had a lot of purse hangers--she says this one is the best.

Review by C. Fong / (Posted on 1/28/2016)
Elegant purse hanger
I got this elegant purse hanger last year as a gift and I'm wearing it at my purse all the time. It has a great design, high quality and easy to access. I use it in restaurants, train, car,... . Because of the perfect design and material you can hang it every where with different kinds of material like wood, glass, plastic...
It still works and looks brand new after a year.
Thanks fafaconcepts, I absolutely love my hookup

Review by Kimia / (Posted on 1/28/2016)
It's brilliant
It's brilliant, she loves it.
Thanks again Fafa

Review by Jamie B / (Posted on 10/28/2015)
Fantastic Gift
This is the best gift ever... Practical, beautiful, functional and VERY Chic. I am going to give it to everyone for Christmas. I love the different colors, exactly as I thought it would be and even better in person. I wish they had corporate logos... makes a perfect corp gift for the holiday season and I want our company logo on it.

Review by Grace / (Posted on 10/28/2015)
Highest Quality Purse Hanger!
TheHookUp is an elegant yet solid purse hanger. It is considerably higher quality and better looking in my opinion than other purse hangers which look cheap. I have it in platinum and keep it clipped though the metal hardware at the base of my handbag strap. I am pleased that it matches my handbag so well and immediately adds extra elegance to my look. Whenever I go out to eat with friends, TheHookUp is a conversation piece! I just unclip it from my bag and "hookup" my bag to the side of the table where I can see it. No more putting my bag on the table, over the back of my chair, in the booth next to me or on the floor (a big no no). When traveling, I "hookup" my bag in bathroom stalls which is really great. I LOVE the heart shape and what that symbolizes. Planning to get my Mother and girlfriends TheHookUp as a gift!

Review by Tyrona / (Posted on 8/2/2015)
A Perfect Gift!
My Christmas gift from my husband was the well-designed and beautiful hookup. I asked for it, because my friend had one, and she showed it to me on one of our girls nights out. I have the Platinum color, and I adore it and continue to be so impressed with how comfortable and secure it is. Also, I am a fan of elegant items, so this much-needed accessory was a perfect fit for me.

Review by Fazi / (Posted on 8/2/2015)
I love my heart and my bags love it even more!
Review by June Ambroise / (Posted on 7/27/2015)
I simply love my gift. It was so sweet of you to send it to me.. And i will buy some for presents.. Now i have a place to hang my purse and not sit it on the floor. Yea.. Sending you love! Xx goldie.
Review by Goldi H. / (Posted on 7/27/2015)
My Mom tells me that when she has her hookup on her little black vintage purse, she gets all sorts of compliments about the beauty of her heart ;) & several friends have already asked her where she has purchased her elegant purse accessory…
Review by Parisa T. / (Posted on 7/27/2015)
I found a new use for your hook-up! When I was in the hospital following cancer surgery, I used it to hook my cell phone to the side rail of my bed. Then, the first night when the nurses got me up to brush my teeth, I went to the sink and found there was no knob or anywhere to hang the handle of my catheter bag. Big dilemma!So I quickly grabbed my hook-up from the side rail of the bed and used it to hang the catheter bag on the edge of the sink while I happily brushed my teeth. I am increasingly finding that I can’t do with it. Keep ‘em comin’I
Review by Sherrie Spendlove / (Posted on 7/27/2015)
Thank you for your efforts to have the Hook delivered on time. My guests received the Hook with comments such as, beautiful, elegant, well proportioned, and last but not least, “finally a shower gift that will be useful and not thrown away”. As a matter of fact many started using it on the spot in the ceremony and many bags were seen hanging around the tables with the Hook.
Review by Hanan Harik / (Posted on 7/27/2015)
Love TheHookUp
I received TheHookUp as a gift at a luncheon and I haven't taken it off my purse since! It is classic, elegant and very easy to use. Unlike other purse clips, the little rubber at the tips of the hook help keep the bag stable on any table, and it is always hooked around the straps of my purse so no digging at the bottom of your purse for it. The gold matches the other gold accessories of my bag perfectly. I have since ordered one in each color to go with other bags and my diaper bag. It will be my go-to gift for new moms to keep their bag hooked to the stroller. I also put them in my sister/mother's Christmas stocking and they too are taken with it. Enjoy!

Review by Steve Evans / (Posted on 7/21/2015)
Convenience and style in one!
I absolutely love my HookUp! I receive compliments on it all the time (by women AND men!). I love that it's both a stylish accessory to my handbag, and a sturdy hook for when under-counter hooks aren't available. I always used to keep my handbag on my lap out of fear it would be stolen, and now it's so convenient to be able to hook it to the dinner table and keep it in-sight. They make great gifts - my mom and best friend had been admiring mine, so I gave them each one for their birthdays. I love that they come in three finishes to match handbags with gold, silver and black accents... I already have gold and silver and will be getting black next to complete my collection!

Review by woot / (Posted on 7/21/2015)
Fabulous Accessory!
My sister in law gifted me this for my birthday. My apartment has few closet space and this hook has helped organize my purses without over taking space for my clothes, I love it!!! And it looks really pretty.

Review by Fer T / (Posted on 7/21/2015)
Great design. Looks chic. Will order more of a kind( different colors).....
Wish it will cost less if buy more

Review by rita vilner / (Posted on 7/21/2015)
Amazing, elegant, smart
Bought the Hookup for my sister as a birthday gift, everyone fell in love with it. I then had to buy all the colours for myself, bought for my mother as well. We constantly get noticed and asked about the Hookup and get told how cool, elegant and what a smart idea it is. It is so helpful in your everyday routine, very handy not to mention fashion forward. LOVE IT! Cannot go without it.

Review by Iris Azoulay / (Posted on 7/21/2015)
Great Quality
Great design! Review by Peachy Llc "Susanna Lee" / (Posted on 7/21/2015)
A Necessary Accessory
I received this very stylish and elegant purse hanger as a gift. I use it everyday and have received numerous compliments on it. The beautiful heart design is a nice accessory to any purse. I no longer have to worry about were to put my purse.... I love how sturdy and strong TheHookUp is and that it can be used anywhere.

Review by NT / (Posted on 7/21/2015)
A lot of thought has gone to making this beautiful item
This product is elegant, chic, practical and a must accessory for every modern woman. It is most practical in a restaurant, where you can hang your purse where you can always see it; but at the same time it is a timeless accessory. I love it, and use it with pride.

Review by L. Zebarjadi / (Posted on 7/21/2015)
5Must have accessory for anyone who cares about their purse.
This is my FAVORITE accessory right now. I have a Reed Krakoff purse that I love, and I hate putting it on the ground. I use the HookUp to hang the purse from the table. I receive compliments from my friends and waiters at restaurants too! It's functional and fashionable. It's honestly the best looking purse hook design out there. The design is light and slender, so I can drape the Hookup outside the purse or tuck it into my purse. I just bought three more from the website that I want to give as a gift to three close friends.

Review by ST / (Posted on 7/21/2015)
The best experience ever, prompt and timely delivery. I love this product I am hooked on it and it is very stylish. I carry top designer bags and ALWAYS get the most compliments on how beautiful the heart is and people are amazed at its function!!! And my bags don't get dirty. I highly recommend everyone try it, it's worth treating yourself or someone you love to one of these hearts.

Review by Grace / (Posted on 7/21/2015)
Purse hook
Love the hook,is beautiful and very useful. The seller is fantastic. Very happy with the purchase. Thank you.

Review by maria "maria" / (Posted on 7/21/2015)
A must have fashion piece
I carry my HookUp on my purse all the time and use it whenever I am out. From sitting at a table in a restaurant, at church, in a theater or even in a bathroom (especially when there is no hook), I find it is useful wherever I am. I have seen all three colors and they are all beautiful and elegant. I get compliments on my "heart" all the time and people are really impressed when I show them that not only is it "bling" but it is very useful also. TheHookUp makes a great gift.

Review by S. Blatner / (Posted on 7/19/2015)
A beautiful product!
I wear this on my purse at all times, and everywhere I go, people ask me about it - even before they know it is a hook! When I show people how it converts to a hook, they are immediately in love with it. It is a beautiful, elegant accessory of the highest quality. It is always easy to access, as it is right there on my purse strap - a quick twist and it's ready. The rubber ends hold it tightly on table tops. I have had it almost a year and it is not scratched up at all. I absolutely love it!

Review by Kristin V Shea / (Posted on 7/19/2015)
I initially tried looking for a cheaper version of this heart shaped purse hook but couldn't find one that I liked nearly as muc
Although pricey, the hookup by fafa is worth every penny. I initially tried looking for a cheaper version of this heart shaped purse hook but couldn't find one that I liked nearly as much as this one.

Works well on table counters and even windowsills. Highly recommended for purse lovers. Adds elegance and is quite useful!

Review by AJ / (Posted on 7/19/2015)
Amazing accessory for purse
This high quality purse hanger is very elegant and chic, and easy to use.
It accessorizes perfectly my purse, and all my friends are amazed when I show them how it converts to a hook. I bought the platinum for my sister as a birthday gift, and she loves it as much as I do.
It is a great gift for your friends, and for yourself!
I absolutely do recommend it.

Review by cl / (Posted on 7/19/2015)